We offer two types of Accounts for our Clients:

Discretionary Account: When you choose PCM Brokers Discretionary Account you will acquire the freedom of not having to monitor every news headline or sit in front of a computer screen. You no longer have to learn the trading strategy and you no longer have to work with trading program online. Your chosen Discretionary Account will do this for you. In one simple word you invest your funds and we work on your money. Profit sharing will be agreed between the two parties case by case according to the investors’points of view.

Discretionary Accounts are managed by professionals and it is ensured that the funds are watched 24 hours a day. Besides this Discretionary Account comes with a low brokerage advantage to the clients. Many qualified investors choose managed futures to reduce volatility in their overall investment portfolio. The whole funds are managed by highly professional traders and they offer exposure to a wide array of regulated financial commodity futures markets traded around the globe.

Non Discretionary Account: In this type of account clients are capable of trading their funds using our online trading platforms themselves and enjoy the passion of trading while making their fortune. In case our investors are not very familiar with software a free traning course will be provided and our dealing room and customer service are avalable 24 hours to place orders or for any other assistance over the phone. We charge only a minium amount of brokerage for the trades and that is also negotiable. To our Non discretionary clients we not only provide them reports but a regular updated technical analysis from our experts, and an updated picture of global news of financial market are provided by us to help them with their winning trades.

Please Contact Us and you will have your account opened in just a few minutes.



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