<strong>Spread and Scalping:</strong></li>
<p>Best Spreads. Enjoy the tightest spreads in the industry starting as low as 1 pip. See our competitive forex spread window below on this page. Don’t compromise on spreads, go for the best. The lower the spreads, the higher the profits.</p>
<p>Scalping Welcomed. No restrictions for scalping and usage of expert advisors. We don’t restrict you from making money. Our fast execution, low latency technology is a safe haven for scalpers.</p>
<li value=”2″>
<strong>High Leverage, Account as low as $100 and Tax free environment:</strong></li>
<p>High Leverage. Choose the leverage of your own choice starting from 1:1 to as high as 1:500. Responsible use of higher leverage increases your chance of very high returns.</p>
<p>Micro Accounts. Start your trading career with small budget accounts starting as low as $100 that go easy on your pocket, but still give you high leverage to make decent profits.</p>
<p>Tax free environment. Dubai is a Tax haven which means you don’t have to pay hard earned cash in unreasonable taxes. You keep all that you earn.</p>
<li value=”3″>
<strong>Introducing Broker and referral program:</strong></li>
<p>Best IB program. Don’t have millions to invest in opening a brokerage business, and yet want to enjoy the same benefits? Then join our Introducing Broker program and share up to 50% of our net income.</p>
<p>Refer a friend and get rewarded. While enjoying all the benefits of trading at PCM Brokers, make extra cash by referring your friends and asking them to join us. We reward your loyalty with handsome cash bonuses.</p>
<li value=”4″>
<p>Ramadan Bonus. Enjoy a straight 10% bonus on your deposit when you fund your account in the blessed month of Ramadan. Hurry up! Only few days left. Keep an eye on this section for more exciting offers.</p>
<li value=”5″>
<strong>Insurance, Educational help, News Letter and Free VPS:</strong></li>
<p>Free insurance for non-trading loss. Ever worried about the safety of your funds? Are you afraid of a non-trading loss? If yes, then join PCM Brokers for a free insurance cover of up to 1.4 Million U.S. dollars for non-trading loss.</p>
<p>At PCM Brokers, our traders are at the top of our priorities in everything. Be it our support services or trading tools, our prices or the learning center; everything is designed around our traders’ needs for a very comfortable experience. We specialize in exceeding your expectation in everything.</p>
<p>Keeping in mind the various factors that keep our traders concerned about a non-trading loss, we are glad to inform you that we have once again exceeded your expectation by providing a free insurance against a non-trading loss, securing the much needed peace of mind for our valued traders. The insurance provides a cover of up to 5 Million Dirhams or around 1.4 Million U.S. Dollars for a non-trading loss.</p>
<p>With a free insurance to take care of a non-trading loss, you are free to concentrate on trading rather than worrying about the safety of your funds. So go ahead and make the most out of this wonderful opportunity only a handful brokers in the world provide.</p>
<p>Educational Help. Find a whole world of educational material at PCM Brokers sponsored My Forex Forum. Latest ideas, tips and tricks, trading FAQs, latest trading techniques, technical analysis, market commentaries, latest news and many more things. You name it, we have it.</p>
<p>News Letters. Subscribe for a free weekly newsletter that gives a complete market insight for major currencies, commodities and Indices delivered to your mail box week after week.</p>
<p>Free VPS. Open an elite account and get a free virtual private server (VPS) today. With your PCM Trader installed on the VPS, you need not worry about a computer crash, virus infestation, hacking attack or any other interruption. You can login to your VPS account from anywhere in the world and access your PCM Trader everywhere on any system.</p>

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