DGCX Contract SymbolDMSFT
Underlying CountryU.S.A
Contract Size100
Notional Contract Value(Price * Contract Size) in USD
Price QuoteUnderlying Equity price expressed in USD (example: Bid: 56.13 / Ask 56.14)
Minimum Tick Size0.01
Tick ValueUSD 1
Trading DaysMonday through Friday
Trading Hours07:00 – 23:30 Hours Dubai time (GMT+4)
Trading MonthsFirst two (2) serial months and 1 calendar spread
Last Trading Day **Third Friday of the Calendar Month
Cash Settlement Day**Business Day following the Last Trading Day
New Contract ListingBusiness Day immediately following the Last Trading Day
Final Cash Settlement Price BasisBased on the market closing price of the Underlying
Equity on the Last Trading Day in the Underlying
Country (source: public domain)
Settlement BasisCash settled in USD
Wholesale TradesMinimum permitted block size is 100 lots
Max Open Position LimitAs determined by the Exchange from time to time
Max Order Size1,000 lots
Daily Price Movement limitNo Limit, Note 1*
Initial Margin based on SPANUSD 560 (Based on SPAN, subject to change from time to time)
Calendar Spread Margin100% benefit is offered on calendar spread positions




Note 1*: For the avoidance of ‘fat finger’ errors price band shall be 5% from previous settlement price e.g. if previous settlement price is USD 56.13, the price band is USD 3 i.e. from USD 53.13 to USD 59.13)

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